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Join Bonnie Campbell and her friends Bobbie and Moonie on Mermaid Island, where the water contains a special magic and almost anything might happen ... including meeting a mermaid!   You can read about Bonnie and her friends' adventures in the Mermaid Island book series.

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Secret of Mermaid Island

Bonnie Campbell vows to make the best of a summer spent away from her school friends while her mother does research on remote Mermaid Island.  Things get more interesting when Bonnie discovers the island is the private home of a famous celebrity, but as time passes she begins to suspect that Mermaid Island may hold a bigger secret.  Is it possible the island has a real mermaid?

The Mermaid's Gift

Bonnie Campbell is back on Mermaid Island.  She can hardly wait to visit her favorite places and see her friends, Bobbie and Moonie.  But all is not well on the island.   Boats seeking a long-lost shipwreck are anchored in the quiet waters off Yeoman's Beach.  Will they discover the secret Bonnie has tried so hard to protect?

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